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We strongly encourage you to make plans to stay at the school compound during language study. Even though there is limited space at the school compound, it is highly unlikely that you will have nowhere to stay once accepted because the school has an extra cottage in a safe location nearby.

The SSLC offices and residential classrooms are located at Brackenhurst. Most learners stay in furnished cottages. Rent and utilities range from approximately KSH 30,000 to 50,000 per month. A housing deposit of one month rent is required. The same will be refunded to you at the end of your stay, less any damages. Make the cheque payable to Shade School of Language and Culture.

All cottages are fully-furnished, including linens and kitchen implements like cookware, cutlery, flatware, glassware, hand mixer, etc. You will likely have metric measuring cups and spoons, but you will be provided with a conversion chart if you are not familiar with the system.

Laundry service is available through Brackenhurst at about US$ 1.33 per load for washing and $2.00 per load for drying. Some people hire someone to wash their clothes by hand.

Schools For Children

Schooling for missionary kids (MKs) is a major concern for parents coming to the SSLC for Swahili study. Fortunately, there are two very good options for education from kindergarten through 12th grade, in a Christian environment in the Limuru area, some 12 kilometers away from Limuru. You will need to bring copies of records from your children's previous schools as well as official copies of birth certificates (these will also be needed for dependents' passes).

Rosslyn Academy--a day school (as opposed to boarding) for kindergarten through 12th grade, owned and operated by the International Mission Board, the Mennonites, and the Assemblies of God--is a possibility if you have school-aged children. The school uses an American curriculum and employs primarily American and Canadian teachers. You will need to apply as early as possible as the demand for places is high and priority is given to MKs of the owner missions.

Rift Valley Academy (RVA)--a boarding school for 1st-12th graders. Space is even more limited than at Rosslyn Academy and you should apply at least four months ahead (a year or more in advance is not too early).

There are experienced persons available for employment for both child care and house help.

Home schooling is strongly discouraged while you are in language study. Swahili study is a full-time job for both parents, and Rosslyn Academy and RVA provide a well-balanced education with a Christian philosophy, emphasis, and teachers. What often happens with families who try to home school and learn Swahili is that the wife quits her Swahili




Id ul Fitr (end of Ramadhan)

Islamic feast at the end of the month of fasting

New Year's Day, 1 January

Welcome in the new year

Good Friday (Friday before Easter)

Celebrates the crucifixion of Christ

Easter (Easter Sunday)

Celebrates the resurrection of Christ

Easter Monday (Monday after Easter)

Bank holiday for Easter

April Fools' Day, 1 April

Not a public holiday, but you will want to read the local newspapers carefully

Labour Day, 1 May

Celebrates the contribution of workers to the economy - often increases in the minimum wage are announced on this day

Madaraka Day, 1 June

The day that Kenya received the right of self-rule from Britain

Mashujaa Day, 20 October

Celebrates the anniversary of Jomo Kenyatta's release from detention by the British

Jamhuri Day, 12 December

The day that Kenya became an independent republic

Christmas Eve, 24 December

Not an official holiday - preparation for Christmas

Christmas Day, 25 December

Celebration of Christ's birth

Boxing Day, 26 December

Traditional day for exchanging gifts with friends and giving gifts to employees