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We say Karibu, which means welcome in Swahili, to our web page.

We are located in a beautiful acre of land in Tigoni on Ithanji Road 20 kilometers (about 15 miles) from downtown Nairobi and approximately 40 kilometers from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

SSLC has an elevation of about 7700 feet above sea level. Nairobi is about 5700 feet above sea level. The area is known for beautiful hills permeated by rows of tea fields.

If your concept of Africa is based on Tarzan movies (even films from the late 1980's like The Gods Must be Crazy or on the stories of David Livingstone), it will not apply to the area where the SSLC is located. Mud huts and villages certainly do exist in Kenya, but the Central Province of Kenya, where SSLC is located, is not like that at all. It is a fairly convenient place to live in. In fact, SSLC is next to the town of Limuru where most of life's necessities are available from a number of variety and specialty stores.

Notable points of interest around Tigoni and Limuru are the Limuru Country Club, Brackenhurst Conference Center (www.brackenhurst.com), and the spectacular Great Rift Valley. There is also a wide variety of people with a wide range of education and economic levels--from the illiterate to those holding postdoctoral degrees; from the very hungry to the very wealthy.